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Saturday 7 November 202010.00

The workshop will be taught by Yiran from

 You will learn the cultural background and history of sashiko in Japan and the practice in modern society. Then you will have 2 different sashiko patterns to stitch and practice.

You don’t need to prepare any materials for yourself, all the materials for the workshop will be posted to you beforehand- even if you don’t live in the UK! All you need is just a pair of scissors.

Materials included in post:

- 1 Sashiko needle

- 1 skein of Sashiko thread

- 2 Sashiko fabric with template

The £10 ticket price includes postage plus a £2 donation to the national STAR charity.

Deadline to buy tickets is 3rd November if you are in the UK, and 29th October if you are not in the UK (but let us know if you have missed the deadline- we might be able to sort something out!) and you must have membership (remote or paid) so  that we can send you the zoom link and materials!

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