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Friday 13 March 202019.00
Fellow students,
The committee has held an extraordinary meeting to discuss health and safety measures related to CoViD-19.
In lieu of current circumstances, we have regrettably decided it would not be responsible to arrange a purely social gathering like the ball, due to the increased risk of contamination that would incur. 
We appreciate these news will be frustrating to many, but in the end your health and well-being must be our first priority. 
REFUNDS: There is a function for individual refunds on the SU-pages, however, ideally we would like to give all of you a blanket refund to make sure everyone gets their funds back. We are currently in dialogue with the SU about the logistics of this, and I will send a further e-mail about this when it has been resolved. In advance, thank you for your patience in this matter, and rest assured I will make sure everyone is fully refunded for their ticket purchase.