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Wednesday 3 October 201818.00 to 19.00

Join the UCL Graters, the best comedy troupe in the Cheese Grater Magazine.

Reviews of their shows have been:

'I know I'm your mum but do I have to come'- Mum

'Very good at writing in the third person'- UCL Graters

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A little bit about the UCL Graters:

Taking after their parent magazine, the UCL Graters were founded in 2011, in order to revitalise UCL’s student comedy scene with something that was genuinely funny. Diving headlong into the dark and absurd, the Graters have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every year since their birth. They have been highly successful, receiving 5-star reviews, and comedian Reginald D. Hunter said: “I can’t promise I’ll come see your show, but I’ll try.”