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Thursday 5 November 202016.00

Fridays for Future demonstrations have swept across the globe, demanding that politicians think not just of their short-term future, but of the long-term impact their choices have. Short-termism in politics is an issue for generations to come and affects not just the environment, but the economy, health care system, and the welfare system.

Join us at this event to hear Sam Hilton from Cambridge University discuss different strategies we can employ to reform institutions and promote long-term thinking in politics. Sam Hilton works on the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Future Generations, which is co-running an inquiry on long-termism in policy and a workshop series on autonomous weapons. Previously Sam has worked as a Civil Service policy adviser, leading the team responsible for the UK’s civil nuclear safety policy and working in the Treasury’s Financial Stability team, where he pulled together the 2016 amendments to the Banking Reform Act. Sam is also the founder and a key member of the Effective Altruism London group.