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Friday 18 December 202018.00


Meeting ID: 990 9777 6242
Passcode: uclsalsa

To learn more about the game, read here:

 IMPORTANT NOTICE: The game is free on mobile and £2 on PC. Please download it before the session begins!
 We will be using Zoom to communicate. Please download the app before the session begins!

Quick description:
“Among Us is a party game for 4-10 players. Players are divided into 2 teams, Crewmates and Impostors. The goal of the Crewmates is to complete tasks to maintain and fix the spaceship, while the Impostor’s goal is to sabotage the entire mission before the task gauge fills up. Players will discuss amongst each other, vote for suspicious players and eject them out into the cold abyss of space. Crewmates can also win by ejecting all Impostors.”

We might also play Cards Against Humanity!!!

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