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Wednesday 20 January 202117.00

Cohosted with UCL History of Art Society

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Join us on the 20th of January at 5:00 PM GMT, we will have our first public talk in 2021 with an independent Moscow-based curator Alexander Burganov and artist Nika Nikulshina from Pussy Riot. What does it mean to be an activist today? How can a punk aesthetic contribute to the struggle for freedom and equality? Why would you storm the football pitch during the World Cup? They will discuss the anthology of Russian protest art and share their first-hand experience as art activists.
Nika Nikulshina — an artist, activist, and a member of Pussy Riot. Some of her most prominent activities include: ‘Policeman steps into the game’, in which Nika invaded the World Cup final pitch with a group of friends in policemen uniforms; ‘2036’, in which she placed LGBTQ symbols on the FSB buildings (principal security agency of Russia). Nika has also been arrested numerously for her art actions.
Alexander Burganov — an independent curator, art critic, and associate professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Alexander’s research focuses on Russian underground culture and Russian protest art. He is also a founding member of the underground art gallery.
Pussy Riot are rare guests in UK universities, and it is an exciting opportunity to be a part of the thought-provoking discussion with a QA part in the end. 
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