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Thursday 27 February 202018.00 to 20.00

Date: 27 February 06:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Venue: Bedford Way (26) G03

Speakers: Dr Rasmus Nilsson and Bill Browder

Just a couple of weeks after Putin announced that the Russian constitution will be heavily amended it is still unclear how it will influence the future of Russia as well as its political system. One of our speakers, Bill Browder is known for his efforts to combat Russian corruption. In 2005 he was detained at the Sheremetyevo Airport for being a ‘threat to national security’ and got his visa suspended. This put into danger his business as well, as at this time he was running the Hermitage Capital, which was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia. His offices were raided by the police, so he hired Sergei Magnitsky to investigate the case, who - after discovering that in the unlawful raid high ranking Moscow officials were involved - was imprisoned. Magnitsky was mistreated and beaten in prison, and soon died.

After the death of Magnitsky Browder started a campaign against Russian corruption and for the adoption of the Magnitsky Act, which is supposed to ensure that officials of nations guilty of human rights violations get their visas suspended and their assets frozen. In 2017, under the Conservative government, the UK also adopted the Magnitsky Act.

To hear Browder’s and Rasmus Nilsson’s view on Russia and the recent constitutional changes join us on this panel!

Organisers: European Horizons Society and the UCL Conservative Society.