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Wednesday 22 January 202017.30 to 18.30

Professor David Gems: “Research on Ageing - Are Biogerontologists Bastards?”

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From longstanding mythologies about the Elixir of Life to modern-day anti-aging drugs, mankind’s quest for longevity has always been a contestous topic. Currently, the UK and our NHS face an ever-growing pressure from the ageing population that can no longer be ignored. It has been projected that in 50 years’ time, there will be an additional 8.6 million people aged 65 and over—roughly the population of London.

Venue: IoE Bedford Way (2) W3.05

These issues foster a growing field of biogerontology research that seeks to reach healthy ageing and longevity, ultimately aiming to free humankind from age-associated diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and such; however, this begs the questions: is ageing a disease? If so, should we seek to ‘cure’ it? Are those in pursuit of longevity ‘immoral bastards’?

Join us with Professor David Gems for this possibly cynical, but nevertheless definitely insightful talk about his research on ageing and the many bioethical considerations that surround it. Prof. Gems is a leading biogerontologist at the UCL Institute of Healthy Ageing, who focuses his work on ageing biology in a nematode model. His research has thus far unraveled new methods that can increase the lifespan of the nematode by tenfold. With these new discoveries, we come closer to understanding the great mysteries of ageing. In light of this, Prof. Gems prompts us to consider: ‘Is more life always better?’

Come along to room W3.05 at IOE Bedford Way at 17:30 on Wednesday, 22 January, for an exciting reflection on the controversial bioethical implications and motivations behind the research of ageing and life-extension! Snacks will be provided.