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Monday 11 November 201918.30 to 20.30

Hopefully everyone has had a restful reading week, if you have missed reeling and can't wait to start again then fear not for we will be reeling the night away again this Monday!!

As previously mentioned we will start the night with a short EGM to elect an Events Coordinator (details below). As soon as we get the formalities out of the way we will be dancing the night away as usual with all the drinks, nibbles and laughter that you have come to know and love!

Events coordinator roll description is as follows:
-Primary organiser of both the Christmas and Summer Ball
-Explores and plans venue options for the Balls
-Acquires band or live music for these events
-Work alongside social secretary seeking members to attend other university balls

Anyone who wishes to stand for this position will be required to give a short (2 min max) speech about why they would be suited to the roll and may be asked to answer a few short questions.
The only requirement for standing is that you must have membership.

The EGM will be held at the start of our regular reeling practise and if you are not standing we would very much appreciate your attendance to vote for who you would like to represent you on your committee. If for any reason you cannot attend and wish to stand then you can video your speech and send it to Agatha or if you cannot attend and wish to vote by proxi you can do so by sending who you wish to vote for along with your student UPI (not student number on your UCL ID card) to Agatha who will be chairing the meeting. All candidates standing for the position will be posted on this group before the speeches start.

See you then! xx