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Friday 11 October 201915.00 to 17.00

We are excited to announce our first policy research workshop! It will take place in the Main Quad Pop-UP G02.

We will start offering you the rare opportunity to conduct policy research and write policy papers, briefs and blog posts in diverse teams in our weekly workshops!

In our introductory session, we will give you with an introduction to the foundations of policy research. What actually is policy? How to have an impact? How to influence policy development as a student (e.g. with European Horizons!)?

Furthermore, we will present our society and the plan for the following weeks. Then, it's your turn! Interacting in small teams, we will give you a taster of what our research workshops will soon look like.
If you already have a certain research topic in mind, this is a perfect opportunity for you to find research partners and excite others for your idea!

The goals of these workshops are to equip you with versatile research and soft skills to produce a piece for publication. They are open to all disciplines and levels.

We will head for a social after! See you there!