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Wednesday 21 October 202017.00

Our bi-weekly movie night is here!

We’ll be kicking off with a general knowledge quiz to test who’s the best Pokemon Trainer, followed by some fun rounds of Pokemon themed! 
Afterwards, get comfy in your bed or seat as we watch The Pokemon Movie 2000: The Power Of One! 

The platform we will use to stream the quizzes and movie is Google Meets!
The link to the Google Meets room will be given out in our Discord server, where all our members hang out and talk about Pokemon whenever suits them!

This event will require at least a Remote membership! They’re free!
Link to buy a membership:…

Please also make sure you’re verified with our discord bot [@Officer Jenny] before the event starts so we can check memberships! More info about verification in #rules-and-info on Discord.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!