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Wednesday 21 October 202017.00 to 18.00

Poetry Feedback Sessions are hosted by the Chair of Poetry. The goal of the session is to share your poems with the group and receive constructive feedback on them, but most importantly, to have fun. Usually there is a particular theme to the session (a specific stylistic feature, a literary movement, an unconventional format or a simple prompt). These themes are of course optional, they are there to help you with inspiration and give a focal point to the session. We ask that you submit your poems in advance and before the session’s start. Doesn’t matter whether you have written poetry for ten years or have no idea what it is! Our sessions are suitable for poets at any level. Poetry Feedback Sessions take place twice a month.

“I heard the best poems of my life in The Poetry Feedback sessions. - Julia

The links and details to all of our sessions are sent out in the bi-weekly newsletters! Please contact us if you are a member, but have not yet received the newsletter or link and would like to participate.