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Monday 16 November 202015.00

Are you interested in working in a field related to AI? Or do you wish to understand better AI as a global risk yet promising technology?

Join us for the first of event of our AI and Governance series! To better prepare us to welcome Caroline Baylon at our next event, we will be reviewing a 80k Hours podcast episode interviewing Prof Allan Dafoe regarding AI from a governance point of view. We will be discussing the risks associated with AI technology but also what it means to be working in this field of research.

“Allan is Director of the Center for the Governance of AI, at the Future of Humanity Institute within Oxford University. His goals have been to understand the causes of world peace and stability, which in the past has meant studying why war has declined, the role of reputation and honor as drivers of war, and the motivations behind provocation in crisis escalation. His current focus is helping humanity safely navigate the invention of advanced artificial intelligence.”

Podcast link: