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Monday 19 October 202018.00 to 19.00

Performance sessions are here for all those who like their literature loud! No matter if you’re into poetry, prose, theatre or even song – this is the home of all spoken word. Every workshop will be different, prepared with unique writing prompts and exciting opportunities to share your work and experiment with different styles and genres. During these workshops we will learn the rules of a good performance and explore how to effectively break them. The workshops will take place in a dynamic and interactive, but also safe and relaxed atmosphere that will allow all participants to get to know each other and build a supportive space together. No matter if you have a deep-rooted passion for performance, if you are a slam champion, or if you’ve never performed before – come along and discover spoken word with us! The Chair of Performing Arts who leads these sessions also coaches UCL’s UniSlam team.

The links and details to all of our sessions are sent out in the bi-weekly newsletters! Please contact us if you are a member, but have not yet received the newsletter or link and would like to participate.