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Wednesday 2 October 201918.30 to 19.30

UCL Connect.ed is a research community made for students by students.

Panel: Using Social Media in Research

That first-thing-in-the-morning Instagram scroll. Incessant image sharing of every place and plate. Connecting with friends old and new. You know what we're talking about. Our everyday lives are proliferated by and lived through social media. Our first Connect.ed research panel delves into these ideas and how social media can be used as a methodology in research. Our panellists will be discussing your questions and sharing their research.

Our Panellists:

  • Andrea Lathrop, UCL PhD Researcher: Media Temporality and the persistence of Polaroid in the Digital Age
  • Yunchang Yang, UCL PhD Researcher: Photography and social life: An ethnography of Chinese amateur photography online

Optional: you can submit questions to the panel in advance by emailing

NON SCHOLAE SED VITAE DISCIMUS  ~  “We do not learn for school, but for life”

Our motto is our inspiration for the year ahead. Learn something new outside of the lecture halls. Enrich your mind. Be academic, social and connect.ed.