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Thursday 5 November 202019.00 to 21.00

Our Open Mic Nights are aimed at creating an inspiring and supportive space for you to share your work with an inclusive and open-minded audience of fellow creative writers. Unlike the feedback sessions and workshops, there is no critique involved and everyone is encouraged to perform their writing which creates a unique sense of community and is a great way to get to know new people! The Open Mics have themes sometimes, but mostly you are welcome to bring anything you wrote and would like to read. There is no pressure to perform though, if you don’t want to share your work you can just sit back and enjoy the evening!

“They’re such a good introduction to the society and are really inclusive, so it’s a great opportunity to perform your poetry, or just sit back and enjoy the night if you’re a little too shy to perform (like me!). It’s also a great place to meet new people and connect over a shared love of writing.” - Tom

“It is so lovely to see people present their work. It’s very encouraging, for me personally, as someone who is yet to find the courage to share my writing with the world.” - Zuzana

The links and details to all of our sessions are sent out in the bi-weekly newsletters! Please contact us if you are a member, but have not yet received the newsletter or link and would like to participate.