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Tuesday 13 October 202017.00 to 19.30

Explore the art of painting with this exciting new course. Designed specifically for sharing creativity online, this painting class will introduce you to key artistic tools and working practices which you can enjoy anywhere in the world- whether you are at home, at university, or travelling.

Our tutor Alice White is a professional oil painter, a Tutor at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, and an Accredited Lecturer for The Art Society. She brings over 10 years of experience to this role, and is looking forward to connecting with you all!

The course is suitable for beginners as well as those with some previous painting experience, who would like the support of a virtual visiting art tutor. The course includes advice on practical processes, together with personalised feedback, and group discussion. Students will be introduced to the work of great artists from different backgrounds, eras and cultures, and will be encouraged to share their own work and artistic inspiration at all times. Whatever your experience, Online Painting will provide you with essential critical skills which will help you describe, explore and develop your artwork.


The course will be divided into 6 sections, and will include: Mark-making, Chiaroscuro (the study of light and shadow), Colour theory, Colour symbolism, Colour and emotion, and some Composition. Studies will include modern Still Life, and Interior studies. Emphasis will be on practical skills and verbal communication. Due to being taught remotely, this course relies on you using and sharing your own source material. You will learn how to research great images, and how to translate them into personal paintings in a variety of ways. At the end of the course you will have created several oil paintings, oil sketches, and texture studies which will help you continue to develop your creative practice in future. These can be included in portfolios for application to further art education.


Note: The artworks which you make on this course should be uploaded to the designated Drive folder on a weekly basis every Sunday at 6pm at the latest so that your tutor can review them before the live class.  Links to the Dropbox will be provided.

Note: You are encouraged to share your artwork, your making process, and your inspiration via our Instagram page throughout this course! Connect with us now:

Note: This course requires you to select objects/and or images which are meaningful to you to work from. Your tutor has made sure that these will be easy to find, at low or no-cost. Full info is included with your materials list.

Note: You will need a set of Water-Mixable Oils for this course. CAUTION: YOU MUST NOT USE REGULAR (non-water-mixable) OIL PAINT AT HOME. Oil paints can ONLY be used in a well-ventilated painting studio, with high ceilings and extraction. Turpentine and White spirit must NOT be used at home. These materials are injurious to the health and environment. ALL STUDENTS SHOULD IDEALLY ORDER THEIR MATERIALS AT 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE START OF CLASS TO ENSURE DELIVERY. PLEASE CHECK THE AVAILABLE SUPPLIER STOCK BEFORE YOU BUY.

***Tickets will be 35 pounds for 6 sessions, running online on Tuesday nights 5-7:30pm***

Tickets are planned to go on sale on Monday the 5th of October 6pm!!!