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Thursday 8 October 202016.00 to 17.00

Hello everyone!

We at TEDx Appreciation Society are super excited to host a Netflix Streaming Party on the 8th of October! The documentary which we will be streaming is called “Brené Brown: the Call to Courage”. 

Bréne Brown, who has given two of the most popular TED talks, has spent the last two decades studying shame, vulnerability, courage and empathy. In this documentary, she talks about what is needed for us as individuals to choose courage over comfort- given that the world we live is driven by a culture defined by uncertainty and a fear of the future. Filled with humour and witty jokes, this highly engaging documentary is as relevant and thought-provoking as it is entertaining. 

Unfortunately, this event will only be open to those who have access to Netflix. You could always borrow your friend’s password 😉 . Better yet, watch this documentary together! Please have the Netflix party extension downloaded on your desktop prior to the start of this event (can be downloaded here: 

Sign up for the event using this link →…

Everyone is invited to attend this event! Grab some popcorns, get together with your friends and we will see you there! 🎉