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Saturday 28 November 202010.15 to 17.30

The National Women in Surgery Conference is an award-winning event that brings female surgeons from all over the world together with students to tackle the gender imbalance in the field of surgery. Through a series of inspiring talks and a variety of workshops, students are able to learn about the need for more women in surgery as well as the realities of a surgical career.

Common misconceptions of women in surgery are challenged and potential solutions to the lack of diversity are proposed. Through the popular speed-mentoring sessions, students are given the unique opportunity to network with many different female surgeons and ask questions about family life, work-life balance, research as well as any other topics of interest. The goal of this event is to inspire the next generation of female surgeons and to bring about much needed change in the field of surgery.

Come and join our online conference and network with female leaders of the surgical field!

Early Bird (Concessions) ticket is available until 5th November.

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