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Friday 2 April 202109.00 to 10.00

Welcome back to our birdwalks! Every week, alternating Fridays/Thursdays, we meet at Gordon Square, walk around the same route, and observe/record all the birds we identify. This survey has been running for several years, and we’ve amassed an impressive amount of data. You’d be surprised at the number of different species found in Central London… especially during breeding season (i.e. right about now!)

Open to all abilities; if you have binoculars, bring them. If not, it’s alright, birds tend to be rather close and can still be spotted around the area. Masks/social distancing are mandatory throughout the walk!

It usually lasts about an hour, is open to all members holding a FULL MEMBERSHIP, and limited to groups of 5 people - for safety & insurance reasons. 

In order to sign up, email us at   

-> please make sure you have the right membership before signing up <-

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