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Thursday 26 November 202018.00
Join us for the first Mini-Conference of the Year!! OPEN TO EVERYONE!
We love doing mini-conferences as they are a great way to bring researchers together to talk to students and society members. The topic this time is on Ecological Restoration.
We have three amazing speakers talking about different topics related to restoring habitats around the world:
🦉 Lizzie Jones (Royal Holloway University and Zoological Society of London). Lizzie is a final year PhD student researching Shifting Baseline Syndrome (SBS). Her research focuses on people’s perceptions of birds growing up, and how this changes over generations in the UK and Finland. As younger generations grow up with less wildlife around them, how do we know what to restore and what state to get back to?
🐸 Professor Carl Sayer (UCL). Carl is Professor in Geography at UCL, a passionate aquatic conservationist, pond restoration king and original founding member of the society!
🦀 Darren O’connell (Newcastle University). Darren is a Post-doctoral researcher who studies the ecology of mangroves and who will be talking about his work on mangrove restoration.
🐚 Celine Gamble (University of Portsmouth and Zoological Society of London) will be talking about their work restoring habitat for our native oyster across the UK and Ireland.
Each speaker will give a 15 min talk followed by a few questions, and we will then have an open Q&A at the end!
Please feel free to join, whatever your background or knowledge of ecology - drinks & snacks highly recommended!
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