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Monday 19 October 202021.00 to 22.00

Register for this session here to make sure you don’t miss out!

Come along to our men’s lacrosse training every Monday night at 9-10pm at Castlehaven Sports Pitch. Training is for players of all abilities - you don’t need to have ever played before - and we will provide you with the kit you need to give the sport a go. We were all rookies when we first joined at university, so you don’t have to feel worried if you’re not confident in your abilities. We’re here to help!

Before arriving, make sure to acquire yourself either the FULL or FREE membership from our Students’ Union page. FREE members will be provided with a stick to give the sport a go, and FULL members will be provided a full set of kit for the season, perfect for getting you ready for match fitness.

Make sure to also complete our Covid Code of Conduct here and sign-up for the session here

Failure to complete any of the three above and you will unfortunately have to be sent home - by making sure to fill out the forms beforehand you’ll help to save hassle and maybe even save lives.

Look forward to seeing you there!