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Thursday 19 March 202018.00

The time has come to elect the new committee for our society for the next academic year! Come along to hear the speeches from the members who will be representing you in the next academic year. Elections for all positions will be conducted in person meaning that everyone running will be required to make a short 1-minute speech at this AGM.

To apply for a position please fill out this form:

Don’t forget - if you want to run for a position you must have been a member for at least 27 days. Everyone wanting to attend this AGM will also need to have a membership. (Membership can be purchased here:

The positions are as follows:

This person should be an organized, motivated, and dedicated member. The president oversees all aspects of the society, sets goals, plans meetings, and helps lead and grow the MEDLIFE Movement on campus.

Vice President
Ensures that the President is fully able to take on their responsibilities, and steps in to help with other positions. The VP will be the primary person in charge of the organisation of the Service Learning Trip. Other jobs include: taking minutes during meetings and overseeing the organisation of volunteering and fundraising events.

This person should be organised as they will be responsible for all of the finances of the society. They will need to constantly liaise with the Student’s Union.

Welfare Officer
Ensures that all members of the society feel included regardless of their race, social background, gender etc. The Welfare officer should be approachable and they will be tasked with resolving any issues or concerns regarding the social welfare of society members. In addition to the responsibilities outlined by the Student’s Union, our Welfare Officer will also be in charge of organising social events for our members.

Marketing Officer
This person will be in charge of running all of our social media accounts and will be heavily involved in the recruitment of new members. This means that they should be able to motivate and inspire others to join the Movement, as well as grow the MEDLIFE presence at UCL.

Volunteering Officer
This person will need to find opportunities in the community for the society to give back locally and keep members engaged throughout the semester. May be involved in collaborating with other societies within UCL.

Fundraising Officer
This person will plan and organise fundraising events in detail throughout the year to raise money for Medlife and to keep members involved and engaged with the society. These events may be collaborations with other UCL societies. This person will also work with the treasurer in terms of income and expenditure from society events or donations to Medlife.