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Thursday 16 May 201918.30 to 20.30

"Demons, Revenants and Nightmares: Fear and Dreaming in the Middle Ages"

We are going to the Old Operating Theatre Museum in a really interesting event about Nightmares in the Medieval Era. The talk will be given by UCL Professor Bill MacLehose from the Science & Technology Studies Department.

TICKETS: £12   

Link for the tickets and the event:

Doors open at 18:30, the lecture starts at 19:00.

Description (from the event page):
"How did people dream in the past? Do other cultures and time periods have different types of nightmares? Join Dr Bill MacLehose for a discussion of the dark side of the medieval world of dreams, as we explore the ways fear entered people’s dreams in the middle ages. We will look closely at the history of the medical condition called the incubus, in which sufferers awoke unable to move and often imagined that they were being attacked by a demon or other creature. Night terrors of various sorts appear often in medieval sources, and allow us to delve into the dark corners of social, religious and political life, as ghosts and devils disturbed the dreams of kings and commoners."