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Wednesday 10 February 202119.00
Sadly, thanks to Covid no one’s really keen to pick up hitchhikers this year and we’re not allowed to get a bunch of people on a bus and just drop you off in the middle of nowhere during a pandemic. So we’re going to have to get LOST online this year!!
Come join us for a night of online disorientation and finding your way back home. We’ll be playing a few rounds of Wikirace from the middle of nowhere back to UCL and then get lost around the globe with Geogeussr. It’ll be a night of light hearted competition and the closest thing to travelling we can do atm.
LOST Online is part of RAG Week. We’re hosting a few events this week, go check out the rest at If you would like to donate to the charities we’re supporting or take part in the Jelly Baby Raffle head to:
This year we are proudly raising money for Providence Row, a great homelessness charity operating in London, and The Hate Crime Unit, a student-led project fighting to change how society addresses hate crimes and incidents. For more details head to our website:
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