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Tuesday 2 February 202112.00 to 13.30
Whilst women such as Billie Holliday, Aretha Franklin and Joni Mitchell are known for their contributions to music, women have generally received far less recognition for their contributions to jazz and contemporary music as performers, composers and band leaders. This distinct lack of female representation is seen throughout all music communities today, including in our own Jazz and Live Music Societies.
This year we are very excited to be doing a joint women-orientated workshop with Jazz and Live Music as part of UCL’s This Girl Can week.
The workshop will be a safe space for everyone who identifies as a woman, femme, and non-binary and/or gender queer to share their experiences and concerns about being a woman/non-binary in these spaces, whether it be being scared to sign up for certain opportunities or feeling like you constantly have to work harder than your male counterparts. Committee members from both societies will share some of their experiences and we will be discussing coping mechanisms and possible solutions or things we can do to help these situations. We will then feedback some of the ideas to our respective committees to raise awareness and and to discuss how we can help going forward.
This will be a really welcoming, open space for everyone to share but if you do not feel comfortable sharing your personal experiences but still want to contribute, we have set up a Google Doc where you can contribute ideas anonymously, which we will read out in the session:…/159j7StzGDXnBumgeBjrk…/edit…
The intention of this workshop is to provide a space for the less privileged genders to offload any thoughts and to build a community of solidarity and support across our societies. Gender discrimination is a very real thing that we all unfortunately face but the first step to eradicating it is to raise awareness and start a conversation. We’re really excited and we hope to see as many of you there as possible!
Zoom link will be posted on Facebook on day of workshop. You will need a valid UCL email address to join. Link to Facebook event:
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