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Thursday 22 October 202019.00
It’s probably been a few weeks since you’ve moved to London (or maybe you’re still at home and will be joining us later in the year) so for our first Lillefredag (‘little friday’) of the year we have created a game all about culture shocks! We have a few up our sleeves but if you do experience any yourself you can message us on facebook or send us an email and we’ll add it. We know moving to London can be a bit daunting so this event is all about making you new Londeners feel more at home and for those of you who have been here a while a chance to impart some wisdom on the ways of the big smoke. 
But what is ‘Lille fredag’ anyway? It is a Danish expression which literally means ‘little Friday’ and is similar to the concepts of ‘lillördag’ (Sweden) and ‘lille lørdag’ (Norway) which mean ‘little Saturday’. ‘Lille fredag’ is the dane’s nickname for Thursday and excuse for midweek partying! So come join us online for a few drinks (alcoholic or not, your choice) and hopefully some interesting conversation.