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Monday 16 November 202017.00

“Indeevari (Indi) Yapa Abeywardena is known to be the backbone of “INDI” couture wear, “IYA Bride” along with “iBRIDE Bridal Lounge” and the brand’s diffusion Line “INDI DIVA”.

She graduated from Middlesex University London in BA Fashion Design, as well as Women’s wear special from the University of Hertfordshire. Her skills were further furnished after she finished off her internship as a part of the permanent cadre at the Design Department of Henry Bertrand London which is the largest supplier of chiffon, organza and pure silk fabrics in the UK.
She took part in a wide range of international fashion shows under her own label INDI which was later launched in Sri Lanka at the Colombo Fashion Week in 2011. Up to this point, March 2013 was the highlight of her career as she participated under a collection inspired by Mexican floral and geometric embroidery designs at L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival in Melbourne.

Today, Indi enjoys an ever-growing high fashion clientele and has successfully established three ready-to-wear lines – INDI couture wear, IYA Bride and her diffusion line INDI DIVA. Taking her renowned talent into another realm of design, INDI anticipates the official launching of her couture jewellery line in the near future.”
Source: Her Story - Indi & Co

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