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Thursday 4 February 202114.00 to 15.00

IDEA Society welcomes Dr. Will Brehm who will be discussing the recent phenomenon of development impact bonds (DIBs) in international education and development. 

About Dr. Will Brehm: Lecturer of Education and International Development at UCL he is a member of the Centre for Education and International Development. His research interests include the intersection of comparative and international education with international relations and the political economy of development, focused primarily in Southeast Asia. He hosts a weekly podcast on new educational research calledFreshEd. Follow him on Twitter @wbrehm.

More about the session: Advocates of DIBs emphasise their ability to reduce government risk, provide up-front capital costs, and focus on outcomes. Opponents criticise DIBs as being expensive, simplistic solutions to complex problems, and undermining state capacity development. The case of Educate Girls in Rajasthan, India will be reviewed and explored to show the complexity of actors involved in DIBs and the problems with relying on impact philanthropy. 

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