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Wednesday 9 January 201913.45 to 15.45

First time players and experienced NHL stars rejoice! The new year is upon us and with it some more hockey! 

Come find us at the Streatham ice and Leisure centre to try out for our three Ice Hockey teams! For our complete starters with have our C team which will teach you the basics of skating and stickhanding and will allow you to play competitively at an appropriate level. 

B team plays Division 2 non-checking making it accessible to anyone who's skated or played a little in the past. Don't have to be Gretzky to play! If you've skated a little in the past, played floorball or something of the such come give B team a try! it's a friendly bunch who will get you up to speed very fast.

Want more of a challenge? we are also looking for players for our A team. They play Division 2 Checking making it appropriate for anyone who's played ice hockey in the past.  All the equipment is provided and no membership required for the first two training/trial sessions! Come find us on Facebook ( and feel free to message if you have any questions. If you don't want to have to travel to the rink alone, feel free to join the people tasting ice hockey for the first time at 11:45 in front of the quad who will be joined by some senior members to go to the rink as a group. Training is £10 for A and B team and only a £5 note for our C team! 

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