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Tuesday 5 March 201919.00

Welcome to existentialist hell.

The UCL Francophone Society is proud to put on its first ever drama production: Sartre’s “Huis Clos”. The play will be performed in French, but we will be using subtitles in English, so everyone is more than welcome to come!
Three strangers find themselves in a room after death. They don’t know anything about each other, except that they have very little in common, and that they are in hell. They wait for their punishment, but soon realise that they will be each other’s torture: they are condemned to live under the relentless and merciless eye of the two others, who expose their vulnerabilities and deepest, darkest secrets.
Funny at times, often dark and gripping, “Huis Clos” reminds us that hell is other people, and forces us to consider how being constantly watched and judged makes us feel and behave.

Tickets for the 5th of March:

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