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Thursday 26 November 202018.00

During the Medieval period, Europe became, formally, a Christian continent split between the two great denominations, Catholicism in the West and Orthodoxy in the East. What, however, did this mean in practice or, more precisely, how did Christianity manifest itself in everyday life? In his talk, Dr Thomas Lorman, a historian of Central Europe, will try to answer these questions by looking at Central and Eastern Europe in this period, exploring the struggle to covert pagans into Christians, and Christians into devout believers. To do so, he will look at the role of Monarchs, priests, towns and the lives of serfs to offer some insights into the medieval mindset and the role of religion in re-shaping Europe in this period.

This event will be held on Zoom, with the zoom link being available on the evening of the event on the event page on our Facebook page.

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