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Wednesday 18 November 202014.00

You must have social membership (£25) with the Horse Riding Club to take part in lessons.

This is perfect for students who have never ridden before / have only ridden a few times and are interested in progressing as fast as possible in a safe and friendly environment. Lessons are one hour group lessons with a small group of riders and a qualified riding instructor. 

Dress Code:

Suitable clothing to ride in: preferably jodhpurs (although close-fitting, stretchy trousers are also suitable), a top that cover the shoulders, boots or jodhpur boots, preferably gloves, clothes adapted to the weather (lessons can take place outdoors). No shorts, skirts, jewellery or hair styles which prevent the hat from fitting close to the head. If you do not own your own riding hat and/or boots, you can borrow them from the riding school at additional cost. Trainers are forbidden to ride in.


Weight limit: 82.5kg/13 stone. Please arrive at the riding school at least 15 minutes before the start time and equip yourself with a helmet if needed. Please make sure you fill in a Rider Registration form (these will be emailed out). London Equestrian Centre reserves the right to refuse you if you arrive late. There cannot be any refunds if this arises. Please let us know of any serious medical issues before buying your ticket.

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