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Wednesday 4 December 201912.00 to 14.00

Halwa Puri Dupair!* (Baddum Tshhh!)

Our annual PakSoc Naashta (technically Brunch because of the timing) IS FINALLY HERE!

Get ready for some Halwa Puri action, gup shup, and good company. We’ll also have KARAK CHAI so don’t forget to bring your own cup!

Where: IOE W3.01
When: Wednesday 4th December
Time: 12-2pm

We hope to see you all there!!

PakSoc Pyaar 🇵🇰

*(And for our non-Urdu speaking members who didn’t catch onto the wordplay- “Puri” is a deep-fried bread, but also mean ‘all’, so there’s a double meaning: ‘Halwa Puri Afternoon’ AND “Halwa all afternoon”)