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Saturday 3 October 202020.00
Hello Freshers and Returning rock nerds. Welcome to the Greenough Virtual House Party. This is an exciting (and somewhat experimental) online event designed to help welcome all the fresh new faces into the Greenough family.
How this will work:
There will be 4 rooms:
  • The Kitchen: Who doesn’t get hungry whilst drinking. In the Kitchen you will be able to drink, chat, eat and cook with your new friends.
  • The Living Room: In our living room, we have a big TV (Use your imagination pls). That’s why it’s here where we’re gonna stream all the games e.g. Jackbox, Cards Against Humanity.
  • The Bedroom: Look, don’t get any ideas, there is NO SEX IN THE BEDROOM. In this room we will be playing drinking games. Think never have I ever or ring of fire.
  • The Bathroom: Ok since the bedroom is off limits, if you really need a place to get up to trouble or have a intimate convo with someone special, the bathroom is your place to go. This room will have no games, no rules and will be left empty, it’s up to you guys if you wanna go in ;))
Click the link in the description to join the teams group. On the night, committee members will be hosting games and events in different rooms over video calls.
Feel free to join any room, jump around to different rooms and make some new friends.
Hopefully this will all work swimmingly and we will see you all there for a really fun evening.
For more information check out the Facebook-event:…
Rock on, Arjun (Greenough social sec)