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Sunday 8 March 202013.00 to 17.00

*** Tickets will be on sale from 06/03 (Friday). Competitor tickets are £3 each (full price), spectator tickets are £1 each (concessions).***

UCL, ICL and KCL Knitting Societies bring you the first-ever Great University Knit Off! This is the day to show off your knitting skills and talents against other London unis! We have a series of different categories for you to test your knitting prowess and to represent your university. Everyone from beginners to advanced knitters is invited to enjoy a good afternoon of friendly competition, snacks and lovely knitters. And, even better: trophies will be given out to the winners of the individual competitions!

The events are:
- Speed knitting! Do you have the fastest knitting needles in London? Perhaps you do and you might not even know it. Show off you speed in the beginner or advanced category and maybe you’ll be taking home this trophy!
- Blind knitting! Who needs sight to knit? Certainly not you! You’ve honed your skills through hours of multitasking watching films and knitting, and now’s your time to shine
- Pattern memorisation! Memorise a knitting pattern within a few minutes and then knit it without consulting the pattern ever again. Some people say it’s impossible, but to you, it’s a fun challenge!
- Two-person knitting! More of a team-player? No problem! In this category, you and your partner will have one hand on one needle at all times. Whoever said knitting wasn’t a team sport was wrong.
All categories (except for two-person knitting) will have separate beginners and advanced categories: enter whichever one you feel describes you best!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the competition in however many categories you want before Friday 23:59 pm, grab your ticket from the Students Union website, and don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to meet other knitters from our neighbouring universities and bring home one of those trophies!

Sign-up form: