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Thursday 19 September 201912.00

A tour of the current exhibition at the Sotheby’s S2 Gallery in Mayfair. The exhibition is Where Were You at Night, the second in a trilogy of group exhibitions at the gallery where a work of literature forms a conceptual framework for the exhibition. Shifting between ideas of the hand-made, of touch, holes and weaving, the exhibition seeks to capture a sense of feelings intertwined. The artists included in the exhibition are: Olga de Amaral, Tonico Lemos Auad, Gordon Baldwin, Jagoda Buić, Leonardo Drew, Françoise Grossen, Kim Lim, Lawson Oyekan, Carole Seborovski, Shiro Tsujimura and Shelagh Wakely. 

We ask that you arrive at the gallery at least 15 min prior to the event.