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Wednesday 28 October 202018.00
In this world engulfed in the turmoil of capitalism’s deepest crisis to date, one country stands out as a particularly striking example of that turmoil. Once a seemingly stable land with politics moving at a glacial pace, compared with elsewhere, Britain has truly been turned upside down in the latest period. As dialectics teaches us, things really do turn into their opposites. Now, nowhere else is the utter incompetence, callousness and degeneracy of the ruling class more proudly on display than in the very birthplace of modern capitalism.
Buffeted from multiple, profound shocks to the system and a veritable layer cake of calamities for British capitalism, the parasitic ruling class of this country has well and truly lost control of the situation like never before, and is now tobogganing blindfolded towards the cliff-edge.
A decade of austerity, combined with many more decades worth of attacks on conditions, has left the working class in this country in a dire material position. Nothing shows this more than the pattern of the spread of the coronavirus. Workers are being treated as canon-fodder, being put at real risk in the name of restoring the profit-making system, and are even being blamed for the spread of the virus!
Such a deep and multifaceted crisis of the system can only lead to millions drawing revolutionary conclusions, in Britain as everywhere else.
Join us on Zoom for this in-depth discussion on the special crisis of British capitalism and the perspectives for the British revolution.