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Tuesday 19 February 201918.00 to 19.00

It’s time to tackle the taboos about women’s health! 

We are pleased to announce that we are hosting the founder and editor of The Femedic, Monica Karpinski, at UCL! Join us in listening to one of the most influential women in digital work as she informs us of how and why she created the website and the challenges she has faced along the way. The talk will end with a 20 minute Q&A.

The Femedic is an online media form which aims to change the default way we approach, understand and take action on women’s health. The website provides accurate information from qualified doctors addressing questions women are asking online and tackling any misconceptions or taboos about women’s health.

Monica Karpinski noticed that information on women’s health just wasn’t good enough. Instead of waiting around for someone else to create the perfect publication, she created The Femedic. She is passionate about addressing issues on gender and health inequality, tackling health taboos, and providing accurate information on everything a woman needs to know. 

The event is open to all UCL students and will run in Chandler House 118 from 18:00-19:00 on February 19th. We look forward to seeing you there!