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Monday 1 June 202018.00

Join us every Monday this June to hear from industry experts and gain insight into how COVID-19 is transforming the Fintech space and society as a whole. From artificial intelligence and blockchain to climate change and social impact, the webinar series will explore developments across a range of areas, and showcase how technology is providing new solutions and insights into some of the biggest global challenges facing us.

All proceeds will go towards supporting The St Mungo Community Housing Association. St Mungo’s has been working to ensure that homeless people who don’t have the luxury of isolating in a home are being offered support in finding accommodation and relief. They have already helped thousands of people into safe accommodation, and our support will ensure they can help even more people and fight to keep them off the streets for longer!

1st June - Fintech & Market Trends 2020

Global oil prices have collapsed. Markets have crashed. The adoption of technology has risen. As we begin to adjust to our new normal, the world we live in is also adjusting. If you’re curious about what 2020 brings, tune in to find out what the current outlook is from industry professionals.

8th June - Crypto, Blockchain & Beyond

Still wondering what the hype about blockchain is? Join us to find out what blockchain is and the opportunities it can unlock. From decentralised finance and cryptocurrencies to applications in emerging markets, you’ll get the chance to ask any question you have and discover how this growing space has been creating innovative solutions and the next generation of the internet.

15th June - Financial Inclusion, Fintech & the Future

The last decade has unlocked new opportunities for greater social impact and scalability in anything from financial inclusion and ESGs to blockchain and venture capital. Governments, corporations, and social enterprises are all integrating more social governance into their functioning, and with that, have come opportunities for unprecedented change. Come along to discover what three industry leaders are doing to transform their respective fields.

22nd June - Investors & Entrepreneurs post COVID

Ever wondered whether businesses would overtake religion in the quest for human meaning? What does it mean as Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple fight to become the first trillion dollar company, integrating themselves into our lives like never before. Join a serial entrepreneur and two investors to have these questions answered and discover how the opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and venture capital firms have changed.

29th June - Artificial Intelligence & Big Data in Crisis

Innovations in technology have allowed the power of data to be used on unprecedented levels. Whilst our own data is becoming one of the most valuable things we own, different spaces are coming up with innovative new ways to process and use data, allowing for unforeseen insights into different aspects of society. From strategy and marketing to medicine and climate change, find out how data and artificial intelligence are helping us to solve pressing problems and find new solutions.