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Celebrate culture at UCL at the International Festival Join in
Thursday 21 January 202117.00 to 20.00

**** We are making this first session free, first come first served! Please register your place on eventbrite here. If you can no longer attend please cancel your ticket to allow another to take your place! ****

This set of 4 figure drawing classes will focus on strategies and processes with exercises designed to help you understand how to draw the figure in different ways.

We will cover the following during the weekly 3h classes:

  • Starting with the basics; proportions and weight of standing and seated figures, easy foreshortening.
  • How to draw from imagination using your knowledge of the body as a reference.
  • Draw from observation (photographs, life, video, etc) including observational basics and shading.
  • Basic perspective 1 and 2 point for interiors and exteriors and placing figures within.
  • How to compose a multi-figure composition using photographs or sketches to direct the eye around a scene and emotional content
  • Multi-figure composition using found images and photos
  • We will look at the possibilities offered by different materials: charcoal, pen, ink and brush, pastel, and paper etc.
  • Thumbnails, using cut paper to move pieces and make test compositions.

Other artists’ work will be examined as examples (please contribute your favourites), Ilga will be sketching demonstrations on camera and we discuss work via online chat and Padlet.

Perhaps consider a donation to Croquis Café

***Tickets will be 25 pounds for the next 3 sessions, running Thursday nights 5-8pm***

Our tutor has an incredible amount of experience which you will be able to share in, check out her website here: and on Instagram here: @ilgaleimanis

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Free ticket