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Saturday 25 January 202010.30 to 13.00

Bring the new year in with style by entering the Fotherby Cup, a new and exciting team competition with a twist.

- Teams will be composed of three. Each team must field a sabre, epee and foil fencer. BUT fencers cannot pick their dominant weapon (except novices)
- Teams will be picked randomly. Each will include one first’s fencer (M1 or W1), one second’s fencer (M2 or W2), and one novice.
- Teams will fight it out, first to 15. Novices will anchor.
- Poule and tableau.

The victorious team will receive a luxurious award from Mr Fotherby himself.

Entry costs £4 per person, with all of the proceeds being donated to Steel Warriors. We will sort everyone into fair teams so just fill out the form and come along :)

Please fill out this form so we know if you are coming:…

Love James, Rob, Caiti and Ambreen x

P.S. More deets will be posted on Facebook closer to the time, so join the group for updates.