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Thursday 26 September 201919.00 to 23.00

Hey Freshers, UCLES is proud to present their biggest sold-out event from last year: ENGINEERING MIXER!! A proper Freshers Social that you don’t want to miss.

Whether you want to party hard and drink for free all night, or just have a chill night getting to know your fellow freshers, this event is the one for you! After being elected the Best Society of Year for 2018/2019, UCLES is ready to put this title into play again by hosting every student at one of our most popular events. And don’t forget Fabric after, I mean if you're still able to...

NB: Some people have been experiencing problems buying the tickets, try to buy our FREE membership first, and then buy the ticket. If it still doesn't work, we're happy to give you a ticket on the door against cash or bank transfer. ​