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Wednesday 23 October 201920.00 to 21.00

We will be holding an EGM next Wednesday to elect new committee members. Come to present yourself or to vote for this year's team!

We are especially looking for a:

  • Welfare Officer: ensures that everyone feels included in the society
  • Head of Communication & Marketing: promotes the society and ensures everyone knows where and when the events take place
  • Head of Events: is responsible to organise the ball
  • Head of Social Events: organises fun and welcoming socials
  • Head of Sponsorship & Societies relations: searches for sponsors and communicates with other UCL societies
  • French Rock Teachers

Please send us an email by Sunday if any of these positions interest you. 

The EGM will be followed by a social at Simmon's Bar. We can't wait to see you all next week! 🍻