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Saturday 24 April 202110.00 to 11.30
Our fellow Edukeener, Kathy Hart, will be delivering our next Knowledge Transfer Session. As an MA student in Music Education she will be able to share with us her perspective on ‘Music in, out and around Education’. 
Please note that this event has been re-scheduled from the initially proposed date of 13 April, to 24 April.

About this Event

Knowledge Transfer Sessions

The UCL Edukeeners Student Society boasts membership from diverse personal and professional backgrounds and encourages peer-to-peer learning as a way of strengthening its commitment to cooperation and community-building.

Music in, out and around Education

What are you listening to right now? What song never fails to make you smile? Music is an integral part of human life for many across the globe, with some suggesting that an education without it can never fully educate the whole person. But what form should this take? 

This knowledge transfer session will offer a brief overview of the history and use of music in formal education to the present day, followed by a discussion on the current and future role music (and arts!) should play in schooling.

Logistics and other information

To attend the event register through the Eventbrite website here

This event is open to all interested in education. However, for security reasons, registration is passcode-protected. To request the passcode please email, briefly covering your interest in attending the event.

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