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Wednesday 28 October 202018.00 to 19.00

Join us for our third freshers’ event of the year - discovering what autopsies may not be good at and dissecting the autopsy process! 

Given by the renowned forensic pathologist, Dr Stuart John Hamilton, this talk will explore what autopsies can miss and what autopsies can identify. This talk is aimed towards all students interested in forensic pathology, autopsy, or just wants to learn more about the field!

Dr. Stuart John Hamilton is an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Leicester, after being appointed Deputy Chief Forensic Pathologist for the East Midlands. Interestingly, he has provided advice on forensic matters to various movies and TV dramas, including acting as forensic pathology advisor for the popular BBC drama “Silent Witness” since 2013! 

Check out our Facebook event page here and our Instagram page for more updates about the event. The zoom link will be posted on the day.

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