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Thursday 3 June 202110.00 to 12.00

The UCL Edukeeners Society invites you to take part in the launch workshop of the UCL ChangeMakers-funded thought experiment, called ‘Designing Education’ project, which aims to bring together students and faculty members to think innovatively about age-old challenges. 

This launch workshop will take place on Thu, 3 June 2021, 10am-12pm and is the first of a total of 6 that will be taking place until September this year. 

Check out our proposed structure for this workshop and how to register.

If you can’t make the LAUNCH Workshop, you can:

  • check out other ways to get involved (including by becoming a project co-ordinator - deadline for applications noon, Wed, 26 May)
  • have a look at our complete list of themed workshops or
  • send us your comments or think piece by email at

We hope that this initiative (and our growing list of alternative theories to frame existing issues) will leave you inspired and hopeful about the future of education!

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