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Wednesday 28 October 202017.00 to 19.00

What does it mean to ‘decolonise’?  Ever wondered why medical students are often not shown disease presentation in different ethnicities? Do we see these remnants in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Join us on the 28th of October from 5-7pm for an online panel discussion on the impact of colonialism on health– from colonial origins of global health to ways we can dismantle these damaging frameworks. 

Following the #RhodesMustFall movement and calls to ‘Decolonise the Curriculum’, more and more is being revealed about colonial remnants within health and education systems. We will have a range of multidisciplinary experts and students addressing current efforts in the field, as well as future pathways and policy recommendations. 

This is not an event to miss. 

RSVP now on our website at: https://studentsforglobalhealt…