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Tuesday 8 December 202018.00 to 19.00
1DaySooner and the UCL Bioethics and Medical Law Society present an exclusive debate on the ethics of Covid-19 vaccine development:
“Should we allow healthy volunteers to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 in challenge studies to develop a vaccine?”
Human challenge trials expose healthy volunteers to a pathogen to quickly test vaccines and to learn more about the disease the pathogen causes. Human challenge trials with Covid-19 hold great potential to accelerate the vaccine development process, and the UK is planning to begin these soon, but do the benefits of challenge trials outweigh the risks?
Join us to hear about the arguments for and against human challenge trials from leading figures of the field, and for the opportunity to ask questions and discuss this issue of great current relevance. 
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Josh Morrison is the founder of 1Day Sooner, Waitlist Zero, and the Rikers Debate Project. 1Day Sooner advocates on behalf of people who want to participate in a Covid-19 human challenge trial.
Charles Weijer is a bioethicist and an expert on the ethics of randomized controlled trials. He was a member of WHO’s Working Group for Guidance on Human Challenge Studies in Covid-19.
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