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Sunday 8 November 202014.00

Ever wanted to find D&D, but never had the chance?

Our collection of Game Masters will show you the ropes in an adventure for total beginners. Roll some dice, fail some checks and see if you survive… No experience in D&D Fifth Edition (or even classic fantasy) needed.

If you’ve played a lot before, we recommend you DON’T sign up for this event- tickets went fast last time, and we want to introduce as many people as possible to the hobby. Want to help out as a GM, or have any questions? Email Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society at or contact us here.

This event is part of the Niche Societies Network’s Week of Niche event! Check the schedule here.

ADMISSION IS TICKETED, AND ONLY FOR MEMBERS OF UCL’S STUDENTS UNION. Please use your UCL email when you sign up for tickets, or you may not be allowed into the event.

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